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Fashion Design Careers Without Boundaries


More and more fashion designers seem to be applying their aesthetic tastes to fields outside their areas of expertise. Could fashion designers with dual roles as clothing and interior designer be the next big thing?

Clothing Design Translates to Interior Designer

Versace was among the first fashion houses to venture beyond clothing. They recently unveiled a line of ultra-luxurious home interiors, from chic black and white table settings to leather and lacquer trimmed private jet interiors.

Then there's Vera Wang - the petite hippie-haired wedding dress clothing designer who now designs mattresses for Serta. Who could have possibly predicted she would turn lumps of foam and cotton into something chic?

Fashionable Furniture

The recent trend in home interiors is to accessorize things like sofas and armchairs with glittery ornaments. This design trend likely takes a cue from clothing design.

In fact,the New York Times recently reported how fashion and home design are "collapsing into each other," quoting New York furniture and interior designer Celerie Kemble.

Fashion School and Design Education

This could mean big things for those considering fashion school. Should you take a few classes in interior design, or just focus on fashion design, your first true love?

Some say designers are people who are born with good taste - regardless of the medium, they can create beauty. That may or may not be true, but if you have a genuine interest in home interiors, then take a class or two in interior or industrial design during your fashion school program. After all, you never know what opportunities may come your way during your career in fashion.

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