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Fashion Design Course


Methods:Lectures and hands on practice

Objective:To learn the fundamentals of Fashion design by creating fashion pieces.

The Fashion Design program is addressed to all creative’s that have an interest in learning and understanding the world of fashion.

The aim of this course is to lead those interested in fashion design through a process which will result in the design development of their own capsule collection. The skills required to obtain this goal through practical tasks will involve, thematic research, exploration of silhouette, colour details and the principles of two & three dimensional design required of the designer seeking their own individual style.

There are 3 levels of courses: (Beginners, intermediate, advanced)

1. Intro to Fashion Design

        a. Learning the process of researching a theme and how to develop it into fashion design

        b. Learning basic hand & machine sewing techniques as well as professional garment finishes

2. Pattern Cutting: Flat 2D and Pattern Cutting – Drape 3D: using basic blocks to create flat patterns and creating a pattern using three dimensional drape

        a. Learning the process of researching a theme and how to develop it into fashion design

3. Fashion Design and garment construction: Using skills learnt in courses 1 & 2 students will go through the fashion design process from design-to-make to realise one design in three dimensional form

Materials required by students: Students are required to purchase basic required tools for each course.

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